“My work is very varied indeed,” Ronald says. “On the one hand, I’m involved in the IT department. So ensuring that everyone has the resources, like laptops and network connections, to work efficiently and safely. Colleagues can approach our in-house service desk with their questions. We serve all six TAUW countries together.”

Unconventional professionals

“On the other hand, I focus on digital development and adoption. Digital development includes the creation of new digital products and services that we deploy and market. When implementing innovations, we always have to foster their adoption. At TAUW, there are 1,200 unconventional professionals that we need to motivate to adopt these innovations. I promote this adoption with a couple of enthusiastic colleagues in the Adoption Center.”

Change management

Ronald’s role in the Adoption Centre fits him like a glove. “Years ago, I discovered how fascinating and fulfilling I found change management. I followed courses in this for about five years. My team members are also involved in change management, so we exchange knowledge and ideas all the time and put theory into practice. It is fun and challenging to work on this and create plans together.”

Ronald came across TAUW on a consultation platform for IT professionals from various engineering firms. “Around six of us, from different firms, meet about three times a year. We are very open with each other. Only the top secrets are kept under lock and key, things like how much discount we get on software licences. In 2019, I decided I wanted to switch firms. I was working for a great company, but I was stuck in traffic for hours and I was expected to travel a lot for my work. I started looking around Apeldoorn and surroundings, where I live, and that is when I came across TAUW again.


The human factor

“TAUW is all about the people,” Ronald continues. “People really apply themselves here, but the atmosphere is positive and very welcoming. And everyone is approachable, even the national director and department heads. Above all, there is a lot of space for suggestions, and I feel properly supported. I incorporate the human factor in our IT. We don’t just hide behind a monitor working with numbers and figures. We are there to make sure other people can do their work. In the office and in the field.”


Ronald and his colleagues keep a careful watch on sustainability, an important spearhead at TAUW. “For example, in selecting laptops we choose a brand that is demonstrably involved in sustainability. We also offer colleagues the option of keeping their laptop for an extra year. Around seventy percent opt to do this. And, looking forward, we are considering the CO2 emissions that are connected with data storage. How can we reduce that?”

Ronald is also committed to sustainability in his free time. His daily drive to work has been exchanged for a cycle on his e-bike through the countryside. “On my bicycle I experience the seasons. I see storks sitting on their nests and lambs and foals being born. I sometimes take a detour of a couple of kilometres out of my way and when I arrive home I say to my wife: ‘It’s like I’ve had a holiday.’ It’s really marvellous to finish my workday like this. I never want to leave here.”